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Gay Literature – From Gay Activism to Fantasy

Gay is a broad term that typically refers to someone who is homosexual or the sexual trait of being gay. The word itself originally meant ‘light-hearted’, ‘charming’, or ‘liveliness’. It’s possible that the term ‘gay’ has been derived from either words meaning ‘learned laziness’, ‘liveliness’, or ‘seclusion’. Other possibilities are influenced by the fact that homosexuality is considered illegal in much of the world (including the US and parts of Europe). In these circumstances, the people who aren’t homosexuality aren’t necessarily referred to as gay but rather as freaks, perverts or criminals.


A second source of the word ‘gay’ is also related to language. English, like many other languages, has words which can describe homosexual behaviour. For instance, in America the word fags is slang for cigarettes. In Great Britain the term pink flag means gay pride. In the 20th century, people use words like gay bars, gay nightlife, gay liberation, gay activism, gay pornography, gay civil disobedience and more to describe their sexuality.

In addition, literature refers to any literary work that features homosexual characters. Gay literature can take the form of stories, novels, poems, screenplays, music, art, literature, and films. One of the largest publishing houses in the UK is Random House, which is owned by publishing giant Random House Inc. Larger UK publishing houses include John Lewis Publishing and Ebury Press.

There have been several attempts throughout the history of mankind to write stories and novels regarding homosexual themes. One of the most famous examples of this is the ancient Greek play called Othello. In ancient Greece, a story called Othello was written by a playwright named Sophocles and it was based on an incident that occurred between two men, one being a Jew and the other a Greek.

In modern literature, homosexual themes are still explored in literature. One of the more recent novels to feature a gay character was The Knick knack (as compared to the old Greece stories). In this novel Michael Knight tells the story of a young gay man who comes out of retirement to work for an alcoholic who also happens to be his best friend. This novel explores how being gay can bring about new opportunities. However, it is important to note that in the modern world, there are many people who view homosexuality as immoral, disgusting. This novel is therefore not recommended for the younger adult crowd.

Horror fiction has also had quite a bit of success in the 20th century, even enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the last decade or so. In recent years, authors such as Janet Evanovich and David Morrell have produced several best selling novels about sexuality and horror fiction. Some of the most popular themes in recent literature dealing with sexuality and horror fiction have been the Twilight series by Edward Cullen and the upcoming New Moon series by Lee Child. In some ways, the popularity of Twilight and its cast of amazing vampire love interests has given writers a chance to explore themes like same-sex love and betrayal. However, other authors have been more reserved in their themes, thus avoiding controversy with the established conventions.

Another interesting genre of literature exploring themes about sexuality and homosexuality is science fiction. As with any novel where the author takes the time to research topics from ancient mythology to outer space, these novels tend to be very thought-provoking and thought provoking. For instance, while reading pulp science fiction stories about aliens living on the moon, a person might wonder if such life exists, and whether or not it is dangerous. While on another planet, a person might ponder if being homosexual is a choice, and how accepting of sexual minorities might be on another world. Some science fiction novels have even offered an explanation as to why people believe that there might actually be homosexual people on other planets.

Gay literature also covers a range of other topics. One popular book from the New York Times, The Gay New York Times Book Review, addresses the need for acceptance of the gay community after the Pulse shooting in Orlando. The author claims that society must accept the fact that there are many gay people in the world, and that such persons can and do live happy and productive lives. Another interesting novel from the same paper addresses the topic of conversion therapy, with the main character undergoing conversion therapy in order to become gay. While some disagree with the methods used in conversion therapy, the author says that it should still be legal to help those who wish to change their sexual orientation. While this may seem like a new invention when compared to more traditional types of therapy, such novel presents a thought provoking debate on the effectiveness of conversion therapy, gay rights, and equality among people from differing sexual orientations.

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